Alan White


First appearance

Alan White is a student at McKinley High School and a bully to Sam, Neal, and Bill.


Alan and his friends pick on Sam, Neal, and Bill and threaten to beat them up. However, Lindsay intervenes. She scares them off. Alan later smashes Sam's twinkies. However, Sam tells on him, causing Alan to be even angrier. In the locker room, Bill tries to stand up for Sam, to which Alan threatens to beat him up as well. In gym, they play dodgeball, which Alan and his friends are happy about as they can attack Sam and Bill. Alan aims for Sam the whole game. Once he has him isolated, he throws his ball but Sam catches it, much to everyone's surprise. Alan threatens to beat up Sam and Bill. When Sam and Bill seek advice from Harris on how to avoid this, Harris says that he would earn his respect if he fought Alan. Neal finds the idea ridiculous; however, as he walks away, he bumps into Alan, who threatens to fight him as well. Neal, Bill, and Collin later go to Alan's street and wait for him and Sam. However, Sam does not show up, and when Alan shows up, they say that they plan to fight him. Alan agrees yet the three of them combined knock him to the ground and tear his shirt much to Alan's annoyance. Alan gets up and runs away ("Pilot").

On Halloween, Alan and his friends arrive and ambush Sam, Neal, Bill, and Harris as they are trick-or-treating. He says that now that he has his friends, it's a fair fight. He offers them the chance to hand over their candy and be spared. Harris quickly agrees; however, the other three don't. Alan and his friends proceed to beat them up and run off with their candy ("Tricks and Treats").

It is later revealed in "Chokin' and Tokin'" that Alan used to admire Sam, Bill, and Neal back in the fifth grade and wanted to be their friend. However, they didn't let him play with them and it hurt Alan.