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Amy Andrews


Jessica Campbell
Band Geek
Ken Miller (boyfriend)
Tuba Girl??!!
—Daniel Desario[src]

Amy Andrews is a student at William McKinley High School. She is a tuba player in the school band. She was portrayed by actress Jessica Campbell.


Amy is first seen in "The Garage Door" performing in the band on the school football field, while the Freaks are all making fun of the band. However, Ken Miller pretends to join the Freaks into mocking the band to hide his true feelings for her.

Besides, Ken is obsessed with Amy by looking at her in her band class. Daniel suspects that Ken likes her. Amy meets Ken in the school hallway, thinking him as a jerk after he insulted her again. Later, Lindsay, who is good friends with Amy, tells Amy how much Ken likes her. Lindsay sets up a date at a movie theater for Amy to bond with Ken, and Amy complies.

In "The Little Things", Amy reveals to Ken that she was born with both male and female sex organs, but her parents decided to have her male genitals removed when she was a baby. At night, Daniel finds out about Amy's gender, and it seems he is being homophobic to her until Ken stands up for her by punching Daniel hard in the face, causing Amy to run away that the Freaks don't accept her as a human being and Ken pursuing her to her house. While Ken initially struggles with Amy's gender and he thinks he is gay now, he ultimately tells her that he doesn't care and their relationship goes back to normal. They both kiss each other to reconcile their romantic love with one another.