Jeff Rosso


Dave Allen
Guidance Counselor
First appearance
"Pilot" (as Dave 'Gruber' Allen)

Jeffrey Theodore "Jeff" Rosso is the guidance counselor at William McKinley High School. He is portrayed by Dave 'Gruber' Allen.


Mr. Rosso seemingly goes out of his way to help the kids at McKinley. He helps a wayward Sam who tries to be cool, by telling Sam a very personal story about being bullied by a group of men who called him a hippie and how that didn't change how he felt about himself or hurt his dignity. He tells Sam that if you think you're cool and you feel it, it happens, which has Bill later proclaim Mr. Rosso 'some kind of genius'[1].


Jeff was part of the hippie movement of the 60s and was part of an organization for a better tomorrow that the Secret Service deemed dangerous.

Jeff also took part in the Vietnam War riots. He received 16 scars on his head from a tear gas canister. He also revealed to Lindsay that he has herpes[2].

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