Ken Miller is a student at William McKinley High School, very wise-cracking and sarcastic. He is portrayed by Seth Rogen.


Ken has been friends with Daniel Desario since elementary school. He is very very wise-cracking, sarcastic, and stubborn and doesn't back down from fights (in one episode, when asked if "he wants to go," he replies "I always wanna go!"[1] as well as moshing enthusiastically)[2].

He is also very smart, considering the kind of people he hangs out with. At Lindsay's keg party, he quickly catches on when the beer is switched with non-alcoholic beer, but instead of telling everybody, he decided to make some money in the game of quarters ($87.00, in total)[1].


He is shown to have a softer side in the later episodes of the series, particularly in his relationship with "tuba girl" Amy, who matches him wit for wit, prompting Ken to fall for her. In episode 17, it is revealed that Ken's parents are very wealthy and that he was raised by a nanny. He also says his post-high school plans involve inheriting his grandfather's business when he dies, selling it off for a huge profit, and retiring to a lazy life in Hawaii[3].

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