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Kimberly "Kim" Kelly


Busy Philipps
Lindsay Weir (best friend)
Karen Scarfolli (former best friend)
Mr. Kelly (step-father)
Cookie Kelly (mother)
Chip Kelly (brother)
Daniel Desario (on/off boyfriend)
First appearance

Kimberly "Kim" Kelly is one of the Freaks at McKinley High School. She has an unstable relationship with Daniel Desario. Her best friends are Lindsay Weir and formerly, Karen Scarfoli. She is portrayed by Busy Philipps.


Kim is hostile towards Lindsay in the first few episodes and in Kim Kelly Is My Friend. However, when Kim told Lindsay that she wanted to hang out with Lindsay only to prove her mother that she has "good" friends, they later become best friends. Kim is also friends with Nick Andopolis and Ken Miller. Kim lives with her mother Cookie, step-father, and brother, Chip Kelly. Kim has an unstable, emotionally abusive relationship with her rageaholic parents.

Kim's main appearance is having long blonde hair with a black eyeliner, and sporting jeans with T-shirts and a light blue jacket.


Kim is a very fearless and abrupt person. She is usually the one jumping into fights with others even when the rest of the freaks back out.( we got spirit) She also gets mad extremely easily and is quite aggresive when that happens. She is also quite vengeful when her friends betray her (see: kim kelly is my friend)

Despite that she seems to have a softer side for her friends, caring deeply of what they think of her( see: the diary) and she shows also her really playful side to her boyfriend Daniel.