Why did your staff reject my question? Are you afraid of an open discourse with the students?
—Lindsay to the Vice President[src]
Lindsay Weir (16) is the elder of the two Weir siblings. She is portrayed by Linda Cardellini.


As a child, Lindsay was close friends with Millie Kentner. Early in her scholastic career at McKinley High School, she would be recognized as a bright and thoughtful student, as well as the top Mathlete.

However, when her grandmother dies, she begins to question religion (she became an atheist after her grandmother, who was the most decent and good person she knew, said she saw "nothing" right before her death), social structure, and the general direction of her life. She begins hanging out with a gang of less academically minded friends (known commonly as "burnouts" or "freaks") which worries both her family and her old friends (Millie in particular).

She starts out being very deferential to the freaks and ignoring their rudeness towards her —mostly from Ken and Kim Kelly— but she loses any fear of them as the series progresses, and after she calls them out for being selfish and having no futures, her ties to the group were solidified on a level of mutual respect. Despite her new social situation, she remains an intelligent and considerate person. She is continually questioning the world around her in order to find a place to fit in. She is recognized as a very plain girl, who wears jeans, striped shirts and her dad's old army jacket during most of the series.

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