This page lists characters which were mentioned in passing but never actually seen.

Students/Former Students

  • Tom Creshman: Student who beat up Harris when he was a freshman, expelled after breaking Harris' tailbone. Mentioned when Harris advises Sam and Bill to fight their bully.
  • Dan Lewis: Student at McKinley High School. Cindy Sanders goes to the dance with him; however, he is never seen with her.
  • Jenny Powell: Former student at McKinley High. Died in a car accident after drinking. 
  • John Leblanski: Former student at McKinley High. Died from alcohol poisoning.


  • Bill's Father
  • Lindsay's Grandmother: Very close with Lindsay. She was the only one with her when she died. Her statement of not seeing anything in the afterlife prompts Lindsay to live her live however she sees fit.
  • Mrs. Amandala: Woman Jean Weir considers hiring to watch Lindsay and Sam while she and Harold are gone.
  • Mrs. Callar: Lindsay babysits her kids. Lindsay mentions her as an example of why she doesn't need supervision while her parents are away.