Millie Kentner


Sarah Hagan
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Millie Kentner is Lindsay's former best friend and former Mathlete teammate. She is 15-years old. She's a steadfast Christian and abstains from drinking and smoking. She often comments on Lindsay's change of behavior, and fears the Freaks are leading her astray.

Despite this, she remains loyal to Lindsay. She respects Lindsay's decisions, and is always willing to help her; but laments that they are growing apart.

In "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers" Millie's dog Goliath is run over and her parents allow her space to grieve. She uses this new found freedom to be more rebellious, motivated by Kim Kelly. She plans to go to the Who with the Freaks, and after an argument with her mother, she almost starts drinking. Kim prevents this by confessing to murdering her dog. After this, she becomes her former self.

In a deleted scene, she is shown to be a Freshman and in Sam Weir's class.

She also reveals to Lindsay that she has a Boyfriend, but they have yet to French Kiss.

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