Nick Andopolis is one of the Freaks at William McKinley High School. He is portrayed by Jason Segel.

Series arc

Nick is often protecting Lindsay Weir from the others' bad comments and behavior. His main hobby is drumming and he takes part in a band (which he likes to call "creation") with Daniel Desario, Ken Miller, and Sean. His father strongly urges him to go into the military and encourages him to get the grades required to get in. Although most of the freaks frequently engage in marijuana consumption, Nick is depicted as the biggest user in the group.

The only option to prevent this was to find success as a drummer. Lindsay encouraged him in this aspect in "I'm with the Band" for the band Dimension but he ultimately fails the audition, which depresses him. Lindsay then kisses him to cheer him up. They become a couple but Lindsay quickly discovers him to be smothering and that he smokes pot a lot. She then decides to break up with him, even after the other freaks tell her not to since he went berserk when his last girlfriend broke up with him. When Lindsay attempts to confront him, he tells her the truth about his last girlfriend who used him and broke his heart, then embarrassed him by sharing his love poems to her with the whole school. Later that day while everyone was at the school for a basketball game, Lindsay's mother runs into him and unintentionally makes it clear that Lindsay intended to break up with him earlier in the day. He and Lindsay then actually break up. Later in the series, he dates Sara, a girl who likes disco which amazes the freaks since he has always stated his hatred of it. His friends see this as a ploy to get Lindsay jealous.


Nick usually wears a short or long-sleeved T-shirt, a denim jacket, and blue jeans.

Some of his T-shirts are printed with album covers or other motives of bands, among others:


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