Season 2 and beyond

Although the show was only allowed one eighteen-episode season, Paul Feig has gone on record with a series of planned storylines that would've been incorporated into a second season:

-Lindsay and Kim would've spent the summer following the Grateful Dead on tour, during which Kim would've become pregnant. Lindsay would've been carried out of one of these concerts on a strecher (the season's opening scene) and would return home to a strained relationship with the rest of her family. Feig claims Lindsay would've turned out alright no matter what happened and eventually go on to become a human rights lawyer.

-Sam would've joined drama club (based on Feig's real experiences) while Neal would've joined swing choir.

-Bill, with his mom still dating Coach Fredericks, would start getting into basketball, creating a rift with the rest of the geeks

-Feig was considering having Daniel wind up in jail; regardless he would've still endured an akward relationship with Kim (although it's unclear whether her baby would've been his as well)

-Nick may or may not have gone into the army

-As mentioned in "Looks and Books", Ken would've moved to Hawaii

-Millie would've most likely become a full-on burnout

-Cindy would've run against Sam for class president, establishing a rivalry of sorts between the two former friends and poteintial lovers

-Mr. Chowchevsky and Mr. Rosso would've had more storylines of their own

-Harold and Jean would've been dealing mainly with Lindsay (and potentially Sam)

Feig has explained that he only maintained basic notes on a second season and it was never widley discussed in the writer's room. He also stated that the show would've gradually focused less on the high school aspect and more on a small town and "who gets out and who doesn't".