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Tricks and Treats is the third episode of the Freaks and Geeks TV series. It was written by Paul Feig and directed by Bryan Gordon. The episode first aired on October 30, 1999.


Lindsay agrees to stay home and hand out candy with her mom on Halloween night. However, when she gets an invite to go cruise around town with Nick, Daniel, and Kim, she ditches her mom to hang out with them. Sam, Bill, Neal, and Harris all go trick or treating until they encounter Alan again in another conflict.




The episode has a cold opening of Bill, challenging Sam and Neil that he will consume a small quantity of a mixture of anything edible, if they will each give him five dollars. Sam and Neil both come up with a disgusting combination of cayenne pepper, mustard, pickles, salt, sardines, vinegar, soy sauce, chili, jelly, dairy creamer, and mints that they mix into a blender, then give to Bill to eat. Bill wins the payment by drinking up the small quantity as specified in the bet. Bill comments, "it's not bad". Then, to Sam and Neil's disgust, Bill continues drinking the shake, even though he doesn't need to, as Bill has already won the challenge. In real life, the shake that Martin Starr drank during taping was a shake made up of Slim-Fast, marshmallows, and pieces of cookie.


Further to the regular cast members appearing in all the episodes, the present episode also has the following recurring cast and guest stars:

Recurring roles Guest stars

Opening Credits:

Ending Credits:

Opening Credits:

  • Dave (Gruber) Allen as Mr. Rosso

Ending Credits:

  • Hariet S. Miller as Mrs. Whitman
  • Pamela Gordon as Chain Smoking Woman
  • Denalda Williams as Angry Mother
  • Jon Kasdan as Tommy
  • Maura Soden as Mrs. Kent
  • Anna Coman-Hidy as Popular Girl #1
  • Ashley Power as Popular Girl #2
  • Amanda Lipin as Jill

Episode Soundtrack

Song title Artist Album Year
"The Monster Mash" performed by Becky Ann Baker and John Francis Daley
Originally by Bobby "Boris" Pickett
The Original Monster Mash
"Gonna Raise Hell" Cheap Trick Dream Police 1979
"Roller" April Wine First Glance 1978
"Free-for-All" Ted Nugent Free-For-All 1977

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